37924156_s“Failure is an event, not a person.” This quote by Zig Ziglar captures the essence of the biggest internal battle that many people struggle with. Most of us equate the mistakes and failures that take place in our lives to mean that we inherently are a failure. We find it impossible to see the things that go wrong as lessons to learn from because we personalize these occurrences to mean that WE are bad, not good enough, or not worthy. We become our own worst critic and burdened with the constant berating of what we “should have” or “could have” done but didn’t do, we become paralyzed to move forward.

Our mind is so very powerful and it can create a reality for us that is demeaning and painful. It gives us reasons and excuses to stay playing small and hiding the incredibly powerful human beings we are. And, the truth is there should be no excuse your mind can come up with in a weak emotional moment that is acceptable as your reason for giving up or giving in.

Don’t assume a banner of failure over your life or accept the reasons you give for why things will “never work”. Instead, claim your brilliance and embrace your uniqueness. You are exceptional! Do you remember what I’ve said before about failure and it bringing forth a positive experience in your life? It’s time for you to stop using excuses and reasons for not taking action in your life. You can turn the negative meaning you have of failure into a positive experience and propel yourself forward and take new actions.

Start using positive affirmations that can turn the tables on your image of what failure is and what excuses/reasons you are habitually using every time a setback arises. Make up your mind to move forward making progress with your goals and dreams no matter the circumstance surrounding you.

Repeat these affirmations to yourself until you start to feel the difference in your own mind.

“I know that I am not perfect and love myself anyway. I am not a failure or less of a person because I make mistakes. I expect success and failure as part of who I am.”

“There is no other person or situation that can hinder me from taking daily steps towards my goals. I control my forward progress.”

“I rise up and conquer my mistakes and failures. My determination and perseverance are strong.”

“This is a temporary problem that I can handle. Not only will I overcome this situation, but I will learn and grow forward in spite of this detour.”

Remember to place any negative emphasis on the situation that isn’t working. Not You. YOU have the power and skill to achieve and overcome. Your thoughts hold the key to you being able to unlock your self-imposed limitations and breaking through to the success you’ve always dreamed of but have been too afraid of failure to claim.

So the next time you want to hide behind an excuse instead of claiming the magnificence you truly are, think on that. Failure is an event, NOT a person. You are not a failure. You are a remarkable and exceptional person created to rise up and shine your brilliance. You got this!