So many times in life we get the message of ‘you can’t’ do something, or can’t be someone, or you can’t go somewhere. We grow up believing this is the truth. As we allow our minds to be filled with those thoughts, they hold us back. We question our abilities and believe we don’t have the resources or connections to accomplish a goal. We lack faith in who we truly are and, because we believe all those perceived limitations exist, they get in our way. Yes I Can

Our brains are designed to look for trouble, so it’s easier to believe the negative that may have been ingrained in us for years than to focus on who we truly are capable of becoming. Right now mired in the “I can’t” message, you probably can’t even imagine all you actually CAN do. Wouldn’t it be great if we could change the messages we hear over and over again in our thoughts and begin to think ‘Yes, I can’?   Well, it is definitely possible, but you’ll have to let go of the lies your mind is telling you.

“We are unlimited beings. We have no ceiling. The capabilities and the talents and the gifts and the power that is within every single individual that is on this planet, is unlimited.” ~ Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith

In my own life, what I know to be true about myself is that when my back is against the wall and I am told I can’t do something or I won’t be able to do something, that’s when I rally my resources and get moving. Does this happen to you? Are you the kind of person who doesn’t give up without a fight or do you just accept what people say about you or to you and what you can and can’t achieve?

If you believe in possibilities, then you must believe that you are capable of a whole lot more than you think. Step into your own power (stop hiding) and recognize that the more you live outside your own comfort zone and take chances, the more you will achieve. You have the power to create the life you have always dreamed about but never truly imagined you could create yourself. And, it may seem overwhelming at first, but don’t let the amount of effort it may seem to take stop you. Just go forward a small step every day focused on your goal.

You have to train your mind to think about your positive potential and the unlimited possibilities within your reach. Don’t let your thinking remain your worst limitation. Say to yourself, I was divinely created to soar. And, yes, there will be times when you will have to believe in yourself when no one else does. It’s ok to be your own champion; you don’t need anyone to believe in you but YOU. It’s when you recognize and believe in the achiever that’s hidden inside of you that your dreams and goals will become a reality. The most important person, the KEY to this process becoming a reality—is you.

Pay attention to your inner voice that knows you have the capability to achieve. Think, “Yes, I can!” No matter what, you have the ability to BE bigger than any difficulty you are facing. Never doubt yourself and what you can accomplish.