25034666_sHave you ever felt like you’re on the precipice of something huge but not quite sure exactly what’s going to happen next? Well, I’m right in the middle of something just like that right now actually. We are moving all the way across the country to San Diego, California and although I am excited about this move, I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t a wee bit nervous, anxious, stressed, worried, or scared.

I am no stranger to major moves. When I was 18, I moved from the UK to Miami, Florida; and then 19 years ago, I chose the Washington, DC area as my home. When I was younger, before I was a mother, and it was earlier in my career, decisions like these weren’t that difficult to make. Now, not only does the established success of my career become something to reflect on, but more importantly, my daughter’s happiness and well-being are major factors to consider. It’s no longer just me that I have to think about.

For many, having unknowns like these would stop them in their tracks…and yes, I did mull it over for what seemed like an eternity – wondering what was likely to happen and wishing with all my heart that I had a crystal ball that could give me some guarantee that everything would be just fine. Unfortunately, in reality there is no such thing. So, I had to do what I frequently tell you to do. Get very still, listen and pay attention. What kept coming up for me is that we will be fine. I mean, seriously…living in San Diego couldn’t be anything other than wonderful!

And the truth is, we’ll probably flourish, have fun, and live out some radical new possibilities. But if I were to allow it, the second-guessing would be driving me crazy, playing tricks with my mind. I could easily fill my mind with all the “what if” disaster scenarios of everything going wrong. Instead, I have chosen to practice what I preach and stay on top of my own inner dialogue when I get scared of the unknown – reminding myself that no matter what happens, we will be fine…I always land on my feet…and no matter how many times I fall down, I ALWAYS get back up. I got this.

This is one of those times that I’m often telling you about when it’s important to really make sure you’re grounded and present and can hear your inner voice. You can sift through the chaos playing through your mind and emotions and realize that out of the jumble of craziness is a sense of knowing that the fear and anxiety you’re feeling is ACTUALLY a positive thing. It’s bubbling up through your soul and coming out as excitement with a side helping of nervous energy. That’s pretty awesome! It lets you know you’re alive and in the moment.

I truly have no idea what will happen when we get there. We are leaving everything and everyone and setting out on an adventure.
But I’m ok. You know why? Because there are some things I know for certain, no matter what else is unknown about this…

  • I know that the beauty of how I do my work is that I can work from anywhere and my clients can live anywhere in the world. I’ve worked with clients all over the US, Canada, Europe, and even in Iraq. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that there are people all over the world who need my help. I’m experienced and uniquely skilled to help people discover how to live a life they love and transform from the inside out to stop being exhausted and start being exhilarated. So, I believe my career will be just fine.
  • I know that with technology at our fingertips, friends and family will only be as far away as a phone or video chat (gotta love the technology). Sure we’ll miss them. But we’ll be creative with vacations and now our friends and family will have a new place to visit. I’m sure we’ll also be making lots of new friends, having fun and enjoying lots of incredible experiences. Soon we’ll begin to form new, close relationships in our new lives.
  • I know that my daughter is getting a life experience that many people would avoid. It’ll be a life lesson (or many lessons) for sure. Yes, it’s still scary for both of us…and we’re doing it anyway. And there are so many more things for her to learn, see, and do because of our willingness to take this chance! I would much rather have her learn how to deal with change in a positive way at a young age than to be crippled with fear and anxiety when new opportunities or new challenges arise.

And I know that if you give yourself a chance to be open, enjoy the moment, and take a leap of faith with those big dreams and decisions you’ve been running from instead of embracing, you can and will find yourself in an amazing place full of opportunity and hope for a happy future!