Together We Rise

What do you do when you have planned something out and expect everything to go according to plan…and then…it doesn’t?

This actually happens to me ALL the time! It’s a wonder I actually expect things to

I Am Enough

Every day I talk to clients, friends, and family members who are faced with the same issues you and I are dealing with. Every one of us has weaknesses, faults, flaws, etc. and yet we

Yes, I Can

So many times in life we get the message of ‘you can’t’ do something, or can’t be someone, or you can’t go somewhere. We grow up believing this is the truth. As we allow our

Be Your Own Champion

As the leader of your own life, embrace the possibility of being bold, fearless, confident, and unapologetic in your relationships. KNOW your flaws and your strengths. And, realize how important it is to live life

Start Your Day Off Right

What’s the FIRST thing you think as you open your eyes in the morning??

Well, if you are like many people, especially on Mondays, your first thought is “Ugh”. You may think, “Ugh, I’m tired”, or

Get Over Your SELF!

Have you ever noticed that you are your own worst enemy?? You judge and criticize yourself and others and even when you might be outwardly kind and compassionate to others, you are secretly wielding a