One Day at a Time

I don’t know about you, but sometimes when I set goals for myself, the tasks overwhelm me and then fear makes me wonder if it is even doable!

Does that ever happen to you??

You psych yourself

Refresh, Reboot, & Recharge for 2013!

Happy New Year!

As the New Year begins, we often have a tendency to reflect on the past year we have had and then decide how we would like our life to be for this next year! We all wish to live the life we really want. But it often seems that so few of us actually do. Why is that??

In theory, creating the life we want should be easy, but if it really were, everyone would be doing it! Sometimes we’re too busy working, paying bills or picking up kids to give it much thought. Sometimes we don’t know how to get clarity so we put it off until “later.” Or, perhaps, we have ignored what we really wanted and, instead, created a life that others wanted for us. For many, we may have given it some thought, but have no idea HOW to get the life we want, we don’t know the steps to take…or maybe we know the steps but get stuck in INACTION.