Success begins & ends in your head! Your brain is the KEY to either support or sabotage your performance.

We all have extraordinary potential– the key is unlocking the unlimited POWER of your brain!

Your success is dependent on your ability to eliminate the gap between where you are now and your true potential. The key is maximizing the power of your brain to have it working FOR you instead of against you. Brain mastery is the single most important and neglected factor in personal growth, leadership and organizational strategic planning.”

Dr. Samantha Madhosingh has dedicated more than 20 thousand hours to researching, understanding, & solving the infinite possibilities of human potential, behavior, & performance.

She provides clients & audiences with key tools to rewire their brain, raise their EQ, & create wealth. Her approach assists business organizations with transforming their leaders and workforce into high performing, innovative, engaged leaders and teams, so they can boost revenue and serve more customers.

Dr. Samantha is heralded as one of the world’s premier experts on human potential and specifically how one’s brain & mind can be re-wired to achieve extraordinary success. She is a powerful and dynamic speaker and her insightful perspective into human nature will have each person in your audience feeling like she is talking just to them.

  • Discover how to improve all areas of business and personal performance,
  • Learn how to take control of your mindset and chart a new course for success.

Some Popular Topics:

  1. Mind the Gap: Winning the Inner Game of Business and Life Success.
    As is true for you, your company’s success is dependent on your employees’ ability to eliminate the gap between where they are now and their true potential. Eighty percent of achievement in business comes from within, which is why solely focusing on marketing, sales and product development will not help your business grow to its maximum potential. Neuroscience has proven that a person’s financial glass ceiling is hardwired into their brain, and this affects an employee’s productivity, performance and engagement. In this presentation, Dr. Samantha illustrates how business leaders and staff can reframe past conditioning, release inner blocks and retrain the brain to achieve exponential business growth.
  2. ElevateHER: Unlock Your Queen’s Code
    There is a global shift occurring as more and more women step into their financial and personal power through entrepreneurship. In every woman, there is the ability to stand firmly in her power, to lead with grace and purpose, and innovate to help change the world. This power is the “Queen’s Code,” but many women have no idea how to access it—or retain it. Women own 30% of successful business in the United States, and yet when they should be feeling like “Sheroes” and champions, many women feel unfulfilled. Some women business leaders are even left feeling like an imposter in the magnificent world they have created. In this talk, Dr. Samantha helps women uncover the root of these issues, remove their masks, step into their power, and unlock their “Queen’s Code.” Participants leave the event with a new sense of courage, a stronger connection to their authentic selves, and a powerful, unwavering commitment to their own legacy.
  3. Change Your Words, Change Your Life
    The words you speak and think hold tremendous power. They literally create and define your life. Words have the power to create new possibilities, or destroy them. Words hold the power to help build relationships, or shut them down. Words lift people up and inspire them, but they also can keep you stuck or hesitant to take on challenges. Dr. Samantha will show your audience how powerfully changing the words they use gives them the power to change their life. She motivates & inspires audiences to take more ownership for their own achievement and success.
  4. Unlock Your Unlimited Profit Potential: Brain Mastery for Wild Success
    The mind is the the key to creating unlimited wealth, but it is also the biggest obstacle to financial freedom. Psychologists, neuroscientists, and success experts around the world concur – If you want to achieve success in your life, you must rewire and retrain your brain, creating new neural pathways so you can have success GETTING your goals and not just setting them. There has been huge growth in the field of neuroscience that has given us more insight into how the brain works and why some people achieve great success…while others with equally great potential…don’t. Dr. Samantha will show your audience how to have incredible success by upgrading their brain power, transforming their perceptions, and tapping into their inner wisdom.
  5. Emotional Intelligence: The Critical Missing Link to Your Success
    The key to successful leadership is emotional intelligence. More than 3,000 studies on emotional intelligence (EQ) have shown that it is often a critical missing link to both professional and personal success. Upgrading  your EQ gives you the leading edge to achieve your highest potential, fulfill your purpose, and massively increase your income.Dr. Samantha will illustrate why EQ matters more than IQ in predicting success. Your audience will learn how raising their EQ opens new ways of thinking to enhance learning capacity, reduce conflict, & improve employee engagement, leading to superior performance, better communication and more effective leadership.
Additional Speaking Topics For Organizations & Corporations
Leadership Development
Effective Communication
Emotional Intelligence for the Workplace
Mindset Mastery for Leaders
Women’s Leadership Strategies for Success
Diversity & Inclusion

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Dr. Samantha was a huge cause in propelling me forward. I have been on the local news more than 20 times! And I speak to large groups of 200-300 people effortlessly. Dr. Samantha found the root of what was keeping me from opening myself up to the world. Since working with her, I have stepped way outside of my old comfort zone and what I used to fear is now my new comfort zone…and my business has exploded.”
Jennie Cwikla, Master Sports Nutritionist, Professional Athlete & Trainer - Valkarie Athletics
The ‘side effect’ since meeting with her just two weeks ago has been astounding. The surge in my business is ridiculous and the positive energy in general is out of this world. I want to recommend Dr. Samantha to anyone who’s out there that KNOWS they have so much to offer this world but aren’t reaching their full potential.
Adam Parsons, Graphic Designer & Artist - Act4