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A great presentation is one you remember long after its delivery and Dr. Samantha Madhosingh managed to deliver precisely that at P20 Talks. She exemplified the blend of heart, soul, and wisdom that made our inaugural P20 Talks Conference the success it was. I am still receiving compliments and praise two months post conference and remember her presentation in particular with great appreciation and affection.

Marlaine Cover (Mama Marlaine):
Organizer, P20 Talks Conference San Diego, CA
Author of “Kissing The Mirror”

Executive Coaching BannerIn presenting at the P2O International Summit in San Diego, Dr. Madhosingh shared a valuable message. Through eloquently telling personal stories she provided participants with a clear understanding of the impact bullying has on both children and adults. With the combination of her knowledge and experience, Dr. Madhosingh explained the critical importance of developing a positive self-perception and teaching children how to love themselves.

Deborah McNelis:
Owner/Brain Insights
Author of “The Brain Development” Series

Executive Coaching Banner

As a speaker at the Live What You Believe Soul Retreat, Samantha Madhosingh provided a blueprint to experiencing emotional freedom. She shared valuable knowledge and experience that helped the audience understand how to practically apply each key to their own lives. I appreciate the sincere concern from Samantha for her audience and her innate desire and passion to see people healed and free!

Christy Little Jones MS:
My Relationship Revolution

Executive Coaching BannerDr. Samantha was the keynote speaker at an event I attended. She spoke powerfully about how those who feel ‘stuck’ can make the transformational changes necessary to improve their life. She associated getting to the next level in your life with clearing obstacles off an airport runway so the plane can take off. It was a brilliant analogy and everyone in the audience got it! Dr. Samantha is a passionate and very skilled speaker and I highly recommend her to any group.

Jennifer Howard:
Professional Coach
Next Level Group