fearFear is often a paralyzing emotion. It’s that 4-letter F word that can leave you feeling completely scared and confused inside your own head. I read somewhere once that fear has two meanings. Forget Everything And Run, OR Face Everything And Rise.

I believe this is absolutely true. You have a choice, as always. When FEAR shows up, it feels very real. Your mind and body believe that you will die if you do that thing you are scared to do…or if you fail…or if someone rejects you. You tell yourself it’s impossible and you can’t do it. Your mind and body may want you to completely shut down and give up…or RUN for the hills! But when you let yourself give in to the fear and all the negative thoughts, emotions, people, and situations in your life take control; you give up your power to choose happiness for yourself.

But there’s also another option. You can choose to take a look at those FEARS, challenge them and create your own NEW reality. One where fear may still be present, but it’s not crippling you or your ability to live for your future. A reality that includes you realizing you have the power to solve your problems and make a choice to overcome every situation you face. Will you really die if you ask someone something you’re afraid they might say No to and they say No? Absolutely Not! A “No” is just a no…it doesn’t define you or decrease your self-worth.

I’ve said this before and I’ll keep saying it, life happens. It can be messy, emotional, and full of troubling situations. That won’t change. So, how can you change anything at all? Lots of times you can’t change or control what’s going on around you.

The good news is you CAN control you, your thoughts, your reactions, your dreams, and your reality. No one and nothing has the power to take that away from you unless YOU give it to them.

Instead of focusing on what you can’t control and all the negativity, focus on you. Your thoughts and your words have so much power in your life. I know for me once I start giving in to the negative emotions and fears that crop up in my life, they can easily take over! I have to keep paying attention to the dialogue that’s going on in my head and when I notice that the negative nellies are dragging me down the rabbit hole, I start visualizing solutions and opportunities to overcome and achieve more. I know that if I start creating possibilities, goals, and dreams in my mind, I can create an opening…a shift…and then I am back on the pathway to moving forward. It’s important for us to be able to tell ourselves that the roadblocks and problems that keep us fearful and feeling afraid to even have hope don’t really exist (except in our minds).

Every time your mind throws up a past roadblock with a memory or thought that makes you feel fearful and powerless to control your reality, just clear your mind. Take a deep breath and release that obstacle. Immediately visualize those awesome dreams and goals you have (and a couple of the next steps you can take to get there). See yourself following through the steps to make them a reality. Reprogram your brain to focus on you and what you CAN do, not live in fear of what you perceive might happen.

Tell yourself, “I am uniquely gifted to deal with any and every situation presented in my life. No one and nothing can control my being, my mind, my thoughts, and my reality. I will empower myself to reach for my goals and dreams. I will face everything and rise to my magnificence. I will be a beacon of light to those around me still living in the shadows of fear.”