Leadership Training & Executive Coaching

Are you a highly-driven executive ready to focus on accomplishing more success in your career,  boosting productivity, maximizing your leadership potential, or creating more fulfillment and joy in your life?

Although external problems can negatively impact the performance of an organization, what’s even more critical to the success of all businesses is having highly-driven leaders who master their inner game. Working to exhaustion, feeling isolated, and constant stress are not the answer. The key to creating real and lasting change in productivity, performance, and profit is transformation from the inside out.

The TRUTH that no one ever wants to tell you is that creating real and lasting change in any area of your organization requires leaders who are open doing the powerful work on their mindset, communication skills, and emotional intelligence. More importantly, creating LASTING mindset and behavior change usually takes time to develop. It takes time to become FULLY aware of WHAT the obstacles are, HOW to change them and then IMPLEMENTING & PRACTICING the new behaviors. For most people the road to SUCCESS is a journey and they need someone to guide them along the transformational process.

If you’re a High Achiever, Executive, or CEO and ready to liberate yourself from past limitations and habits that are no longer serving you, consulting with Dr. Samantha will help you Say YES more freedom, more fun, and less stress! You will experience more joy, gratitude and peace of mind, and make substantial transformational changes to clear your path to a legacy of greatness!

Why Work with Dr. Samantha?

Leadership training & executive coaching with Dr. Samantha is an excellent way to achieve new heights for your organization. Having worked with business leaders across the nation, the rewards have been proven. Dr. Samantha is an expert in human potential, communication, & conflict resolution. She assists business organizations with transforming their leaders and workforce into high performing, innovative, engaged leaders and teams, so they can boost revenue and serve more customers.

Some of her specialty topics include:

  • Leadership Development
  • Effective Communication
  • Emotional Intelligence at Work
  • Mindset Mastery for Leaders
  • Women’s Leadership Strategies for Success
  • Diversity & Inclusion

As both a psychologist and coach, she is an expert in human behavior & potential and has an extensive arsenal of tools in her SUCCESS tool belt to assist you & your organization with identifying the barriers and systems that are sabotaging your progress.

She shows leaders how to drastically change both their communication & self-talk to create an environment for unlimited SUCCESS.

She understands the psychological games we play with ourselves and has a “no BS” approach to helping leaders take ACTION and stand powerfully in their brilliance!

She helps leaders develop a new lens through which to view the past and present while feeling empowered to embrace new possibilities and opportunities, make new choices and decisions, and create the success they desire in all areas of performance.

She will hold leaders accountable to both company and individual goals as they create an action plan that will allow their most powerful leadership qualities to emerge.

“Keep your thoughts positive because your thoughts are the fuel of your actions.”
Dr. Samantha Madhosingh • Quote of the Day
“Your past is just a set of experiences you give meaning to. It does not define you. The only power it has is the power you give it.”
Dr. Samantha Madhosingh • Quote of the Day
“Each of us has our own unique purpose in life and when you know what yours is, you experience greater fulfillment, meaning, and success”.
Dr. Samantha Madhosingh • Quote of the Day
“The enjoyment of life is all about the journey. If you stay focused only on the end goal, you will miss out on all the fun!”
Dr. Samantha Madhosingh • Quote of the Day