Being Fearless in Life and Business!

For many, fear casts a dark shadow over their ability to shine their own light brilliantly. For some, it is a fear of FAILURE that keeps them from stepping into their powerful life. For others, it is the fear of SUCCESS that keeps them playing small.   At its worst, intense fear can lead to a level of paralysis in our life that is marked by procrastination, avoidance, and the inability to move forward. In other words, fear makes us STUCK!

Growing Up Parent

Wouldn’t it be great if when your child was born, you received a manual that was just about them? It would provide you with insider information on what would make them tick and what parenting

Successful Co-Parenting

It’s interesting how the universe always sends things our way to challenge us to walk our talk. I have frequently worked with parents who are separating or divorced and strongly encouraged and advised them on

“People say I’m ugly. So … tell me — am I?”

I recently read an article on HuffingtonPost.com about teen and tween kids posting videos on YouTube asking this very question. I personally think it’s pretty tragic and heart breaking that the self-esteem of these kids