I Accept You Anyway

What kind of relationship do you have with your body?? Like many women, I have had a love/hate relationship with my body for much of the more than four decades I’ve been alive!

When I was

Fear Less, DO More

What is the purpose of fear?? Some say it helps them get motivated to do something. Others will tell you it makes them paralyzed.

Fear is our body’s mechanism for stopping us from putting our heads

Decide NOW!

It’s almost the middle of the month. How are you doing with those resolutions you made at the beginning of the year?? Did you forget about them already or are you hanging in there so

Get Over Your SELF!

Have you ever noticed that you are your own worst enemy?? You judge and criticize yourself and others and even when you might be outwardly kind and compassionate to others, you are secretly wielding a

Gratitude Challenge

I am so very excited to be beginning the Gratitude Challenge tomorrow. It seems to make sense, right? Given that November is the month of Thanksgiving? A couple of weeks ago, it just hit me

What??!!! You want me to love myself too?

Recently, my daughter and I were having a conversation about all the people in her life that she loves. Once she was done identifying all the key people she always lists, I asked her…”and who

Love and Loss

Yesterday, the stark reality that we never know when we will have our last day on earth was made clear to me when I got news that a new colleague I had recently met at

How parents can prevent depression after divorce

Click on the link below to read the article published on pbs.org This Emotional Life.


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Refresh, Reboot, & Recharge for 2013!

Happy New Year!

As the New Year begins, we often have a tendency to reflect on the past year we have had and then decide how we would like our life to be for this next year! We all wish to live the life we really want. But it often seems that so few of us actually do. Why is that??

In theory, creating the life we want should be easy, but if it really were, everyone would be doing it! Sometimes we’re too busy working, paying bills or picking up kids to give it much thought. Sometimes we don’t know how to get clarity so we put it off until “later.” Or, perhaps, we have ignored what we really wanted and, instead, created a life that others wanted for us. For many, we may have given it some thought, but have no idea HOW to get the life we want, we don’t know the steps to take…or maybe we know the steps but get stuck in INACTION.

Living a Life Filled With Gratitude

“Wear Gratitude like a cloak and it will feed every corner of your Life!”- Rumi

Steve has lots of everything—a nice apartment, a well-paying job, new car, and nice clothes. But he didn’t get that last promotion at work, which he really wanted. His last vacation was a disappointment, and no matter how hard he tries, he just can’t save money. He’s also having difficulty finding the perfect woman for him.

How he thinks: Why do things keep going wrong? Things never work out right for me! It just doesn’t seem fair when I work so hard. People don’t appreciate me. What did I do to deserve this?

Emma has recently been through a painful divorce. She’s hurt and angry, and she’s not sleeping well. Her children are having a difficult time adjusting and blame her for the divorce. She’s not enjoying her job anymore and sometimes wonders if she’s in the right career.