Happiness is a State of Mind

Happiness begins with what you think. If you think positively about yourself, others, and the world around you, your words and actions will follow your thoughts. But too many times we lack faith in ourselves.

Action Brings the Reward-Progress

Want to know a secret? Self-confidence does not come from magically and automatically being perfect. What many people don’t realize is that self-confidence is a by-product of taking action. Self-confidence is having a strong belief

Overcoming Challenges

I don’t mean to minimize what you have gone through in your life, but I see a lot of people feeling sorry for themselves (and trust me, I have done it too…a lot). Not because

The Positive Side of Failure

Mistakes happen. There is absolutely nothing you can do about them. They can’t be avoided or prevented. Each and every one gives you the opportunity to grow in a positive direction; that’s the silver lining.

Be True to You

Most people let others’ opinions matter to them more than their own. When you let this happen to the extent that the negative noise is drowning out the true person you are inside and you

Choose Happiness

It’s unfortunate that most people gauge their happiness by comparing themselves to others and what others have. The reason you can’t find happiness isn’t because of what you have. The reason you can’t find happiness

Strike it Happy! Book Launch

Oh My Goodness I am so excited! My latest book endeavor is about to be published!!!

Strike it Happy! 101 Reflections to Revolutionize Your Life 

On Monday November 3rd, I will be sending out a Kindle link

The Ultimate Price of Self-Sabotage

With the recent death of actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman and the 2nd anniversary of Whitney Houston’s death coming up, I feel compelled to talk about the ultimate price of self-sabotage…death!

Self-sabotage is rampant everywhere. We all

Start Your Day Off Right

What’s the FIRST thing you think as you open your eyes in the morning??

Well, if you are like many people, especially on Mondays, your first thought is “Ugh”. You may think, “Ugh, I’m tired”, or

One Day at a Time

I don’t know about you, but sometimes when I set goals for myself, the tasks overwhelm me and then fear makes me wonder if it is even doable!

Does that ever happen to you??

You psych yourself