noahWhatever it is that you are personally going through may be very challenging and I don’t want to discredit your struggle in any way. But I would like to offer something to think about to help you gain some perspective on your situation. Whenever I’m going through a particularly tough time and feeling low, down on myself, or having that nattering negative self-talk going on in my head, I’ve come to realize that I have 2 choices: I can give in to the chaos and let it catch me in its spin and quite literally run away with me seemingly spinning out of control; or, I can focus on finding solutions, overcoming whatever is in my way, and focus on being grateful for what is going well and what I do have that is positive in my life.

It’s really easy to become so focused on our problems and what we think isn’t working or everything that we have suffered through or experienced in our life. But, the more we worry and obsess about them the bigger they become in our minds. And then it seems being happy or having a different life is impossible and problems, challenges, or obstacles have no solution. But if we don’t fuel the worry and instead turn our attention to finding solutions (even if they aren’t perfect or exactly what we would like) we become able to see opportunities and possibilities where we previously saw nothing. When we decide to get back up and focus on taking action and creating solutions, our problems don’t seem as significant because they appear solvable.

And when you really think about it, you can overcome just about anything. Take Noah Galloway for example. Like many people I became a huge fan of his after watching him dance on the popular show Dancing With the Stars and I now follow him on social media because he inspires me. I remember the first time I saw him and listened to what the judges said to him. I was moved to tears and even as I remember it now, I feel emotional. His story is extraordinary! HE is extraordinary! I was in awe of his resilience and his tenacity…and his humbleness and grace. I can’t even begin to imagine the challenges he’s had to face, and not just physically. When I think about the emotional mountain he must have had to climb to not just overcome his physical injuries but also to reclaim his life and to accept how different both he and his life would be. It would have been understandable had he just given up. But he didn’t.

Noah Galloway (in case you are unfamiliar with his story) is a US Army veteran who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom. In 2005, during his second deployment, he was injured in an IED attack, losing his left arm above the elbow and his left leg above the knee. His right leg and jaw were also badly injured. After such a horribly traumatic experience, Noah understandably struggled with depression and alcohol abuse as he tried to figure how to live his life now that everything had changed. And then he made the decision to get back up, get healthy, and become someone who inspires others. And since then he’s been unstoppable. You can see more of the episode of DWTS that inspired me here.

Noah is constantly setting his sights on new goals and is not let anything stop him from achieving so many things! He’s become a motivational speaker helping others through similar situations. He began a career as a personal trainer, even competing in 5K and 10K races across the country. He became a model and sets an example of men’s health and fitness. And then, he competed in the ballroom dancing competition, Dancing with the Stars, on national television and came in 3rd place.

Truly, I can’t imagine someone any more deserving of the title Hero. But even more than that, how incredibly amazing and inspiring is Noah’s will to live life fully no matter what life has thrown in his way? I want that for you! If I’m being honest, I want that for me, too 🙂 That’s why I try so hard to think of ways to help get you through your difficult times. I want you to make it through to the other side, being unstoppable and ready to take on the world!

I want you to see, believe, and live in such a way that your pursuit of your own goals and dreams becomes a model to others to not let anything stop them either. So let’s get out there, take a look around, shake off the pity party, and get to living!