championAs the leader of your own life, embrace the possibility of being bold, fearless, confident, and unapologetic in your relationships. KNOW your flaws and your strengths. And, realize how important it is to live life on your own terms, being present today and realizing that you are in charge of your life now.

Many of us go through life in a daze. We’re either reminiscing or ruminating about what has happened in the past; or, spending countless hours worrying about a future that doesn’t actually exist. We forget that we are in the driver’s seat of and fully responsible for our choices, even if they are influenced by others.

When we start letting go of the way things used to be or how life is “supposed” to be, we can head down a path of greater personal growth and develop closer connections to the people in our lives right now. However, as life is happening all around you, don’t let YOU get lost in the sea of demands from other people. We have opinions coming from all directions about WHO we are and HOW we do things. From spouses, kids, co-workers, employers, friends, parents, and in-laws etc., everyone has to give their opinion!

And, while these opinions may be well meaning, sometimes the opinions, words, and actions of others can drown out the messages of your own heart and intuition. You don’t have to listen to them and internalize their opinions. If you’re not living the life you want, it could be because your inner voice needs to be strengthened to better reflect what YOUR heart is saying. That’s the voice you want to hear—your true inner self.

To truly get to know yourself, get very still and allow your intuition to show up and be your guide. Find some time during your day to be alone, even if it’s just for 10 minutes. Maybe there is a park near work with some benches and a pond, or maybe you live near a nature area with a walking trail. Or perhaps you can just sit very quietly in a private space. Wherever you are, take a few moments to get quiet, center yourself, and turn off all the distractions going on around you. You may notice ongoing ramblings in your mind. That’s ok. Notice them and then shift your focus back inward. Don’t expect that your mind will go completely silent (I have yet to have that happen for me when I meditate).

Ask yourself what you want and need in your life and then just be still. Pay attention to what shows up. You may envision the life you want or perhaps something you weren’t expecting may show up, giving you something to think about. Repeat this process daily and the inner callings will become clearer. As you gain clarity, call on your inner courage to follow that dream and step into the life you want. Consider what you have determined as priorities and what has taken a backseat. Ask yourself how you can recalibrate your thoughts, feelings and actions to make your life into the one you desire.

If you are faithful to reminding yourself daily who you are and what you want, as others voice their opinions, you will intuitively be able to deal with them in a way that supports your life vision and your own choices. Every choice you make will have a purposeful direction. You won’t just be reacting to life. You will be directing your own future.

Don’t wait for other people to change your life for you. How your life unfolds isn’t up to anyone but you. Set goals around who you want to be and how you want to live your life. Take steps to achieve those goals. You can do it. You got this.